Office Depot #2130 Store future Cabling MDF Setup

Office Depot #2130 Store future Cabling MDF Setup

Night 1

Please note that SOF SOW is subject to change from night to night. This Install may not go in the order listed within your work orders. The tech working with the dedicated support resource will need to be flexible and adjust accordingly to complete the remodel

Cabling – Run and Dress all voice, data and speaker cables neatly in the ceiling, dropping all cables in new areas where conduits have been installed. All cables awaiting conduit and fixtures should be coiled neatly in the location they will eventually be dropped. Complete all Speaker Cabling and Sales/Receiving Speaker installs. Extend T1 and back up circuit from D-Marc (if applicable)

MDF Setup – In order to ensure the store is not impacted by the overnight work taking place the IT goal is to have all systems online by end of EACH night,

Locate the MIS cabinet Move the MIS Cabinet into position in the MIS Area per your prints.

Locate and install the new network switches and patch panels. Make temporary connections from the new Switch 1 to the old cabinet switches Verify with the War Room that the Switches are communicating across the WAN. Locate and connect the AP 3 & 4 shipped from Level 10 and cross connect to the new switch per the SOF cut sheet. Inform the War Room Support contact they are ready to be configured.

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